supports its clients as partner in planning and creating products, thanks to an integrated offer which includes design, prototyping and industrialization process, till the installation and after-sale services, through the product’s lifecycle management.

Renewed Chain of Value

Renewed Chain of Value

In Italy

Jabil’s proposal is characterized by a wide range of services addressed to Italian and international clients who need ad-hoc solutions, starting from “Collaborative Design” to the final configuration of the products and the after-sale services.

Supported by the global corporation, Jabil Italy can rely on a global network of expertise, financial solidity and synergies thanks to the relations built with design and research centres from all over the world.

Developing and creating the Company’s offer, Jabil Italy is aiming to be the hub of a system that involves
universities, research centres and design houses.

In Italy, Jabil is partnering with leading Universities such as La Sapienza of Rome for energy, electrical mobility and smart cities sectors; thanks to the cooperation, Jabil is developing synergies dedicated to create new market solutions.

Jabil is globally oriented to implement and strengthen partnerships with design and research centres, allowing the creation
of new synergies within its global corporate network.

Thanks to partnerships, Jabil can count on the most advanced technology in the market, in terms of material and intellectual resources,
providing a flexible offer aimed at satisfying its clientsrequests.